VOLCHOK x S.A.R. Online Sessions.
Gamers' uniform collection: virtual drop

VOLCHOK x S.A.R. Online Sessions. Gamers' uniform collection: virtual drop

In a first-ever collaboration with the Russian Pavilion, the Russian conceptual streetwear brand VOLCHOK launches a dedicated capsule collection with a virtual drop that takes place in the alternative reality of S.A.R. Online Sessions, a video game developed by Moscow-based artist, filmmaker and game designer Mikhail Maximov.

The online drop will take place on July 19 2021 at volchok.ru, simultaneously with the launch of the limited edition gaming uniform on pavilionrus.com.

The concept of the uniform expands on the main theme of this year’s Biennial, How will we live together? and gives it a new twist by investigating digital worlds, alternative realities, and the philosophical concepts behind S.A.R. Online Sessions. Within the context of a renewed Russian Pavilion, the uniform also interrogates the notion of collective belonging, and the need to acquire distinctive identification symbols.

The capsule collection consists of four items: a jumpsuit, a turtleneck top, a T-shirt, and a face mask. The key element of the uniform is the jumpsuit, evocative of both workers’ overalls and an intergalactic explorer outfit. The chevrons with imaginary hazard symbols are a reference to alternative realities. The pattern on the turtleneck top is a combination of textures and motifs from S.A.R. Online Sessions, while the T-shirt features a human figure disappearing among the glitches of a birch grove.

VOLCHOK is a clothing brand rooted in the love for street culture and the arts. Every collection explores a series of ideas united by a common theme. For the VOLCHOK team it is a way to reflect on social practices and channel its own vision of the current agenda. In the 7 years of its existence, the brand grew into a collective project of young and daring people from all subcultures and walks of life, offering them a space for creative expression and cooperation.

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