Dmitry Kubasov in conversation with Vladimir Nadein

Dmitry Kubasov in conversation with Vladimir Nadein

In this video, Russian film director Dmitry Kubasov talks about his latest feature movie, “Helicopters”. This film brings to a conclusion the movie series “Other Zones”, the program of bi-weekly screenings curated by Vladimir Nadein for the 2020 Russian Federation Pavilion.

“You never see them on screen. They are set on escaping to a different reality. A flight around the globe is an escape into a world with no borders.“

“The manic, hypnotic urge for flight brought along a planetary drama with kaleidoscopic landscapes and the background feeling of belonging to a planet of so many small and different people.“

Dmitry was born in 1985 in Moscow. He majored in acting at the Shchukin Theater Institute and played in over 15 films. In 2008 he played the lead role in the film Lake by French director Philippe Grandrieux. After working with Grandrieux, Dmitry decided to pursue a career in directing. In 2010 he graduated from the Marina Razbezhkina School of Documentary Film. He made the documentaries Tania 5th (2011) and Alekhin (2012) which participated in many festivals. Later he co-authored the documentary Winter, Go Away (Locarno 2012), edited the fiction film The Hope Factory (Rotterdam 2014), participated in the documentary The Term (Karlovy Vary 2014), directed the documentaries Butterflies (Jihlava 2016) and Helicopters (Artdocfest 2018). He has been teaching at the Moscow School of New Cinema since 2019.

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