Selected Project
KASA (Kovaleva and Sato Architects)

KASA is a young Russian/Japanese architecture office based in Moscow and Tokyo, founded by Alexandra Kovaleva and Kei Sato. For this project they collaborate with Maria Pshenichnikova (fashion designer), Haruka Shoji (Textile designer), Yoshirio Fuhushima (structure designer) and Ksenija Voronina (preservation architect). Their proposal engages with different models of care towards architecture, people and ecosystems, byopening up the architecture towards the gardens and the lagoon. Construction on the Pavilion is expected to start in November 2020, with the project to be completed during the spring of 2021.

Kasa (Kovaleva and Sato Architects):
Oneiric atmospheres and nostalgic memories were the first images that came to mind when we encountered the Russian Pavilion in Venice. We pictured a glowing, lively space – the architectural translation of warmth and hospitality.We hope to create a space that is bound to no hierarchies, where the garden and the interiors of the Pavilion exist as if in a continuum. We envision the Russian Pavilion as the pulsating core of the Biennale: a living organism that, at each breath, expands beyond its borders, virtually embracing the rest of Giardini and the Venetian lagoon. A space that, working as a creative forge, irradiates its surrounding with thirst for curiosity and experimentation.
The Process of Installation and The Cycle of The Biennale Proces
Collaboration, People, Ecosystem
Create an intellectual exchange between Russia and the World
Transform the building values from objects to people
Create Flexibility and Balance for use of Spaces
Free Circulation and Access
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